February 12, 2013

Polkastra "I Do:" The Wedding Album

The Making Of.....

The Kosher Chicken Dance video

In the spring of 2012, Lara had the bright idea of enlisting her friend, the great Ottawa Valley stepdancer Stephanie Cadman, to star in and choreograph Polkastra's novel approach to the Chicken Dance. She chose the Kosher Chicken track "because it's already a dance - we could just make it better!" Stephanie decided that a groom and two pairs of backup dancers dressed as wedding guests would be a good look.

Polkastra's arrangers Matt Van Brink and Martin Kennedy were up for the venture, but a particular shout-out must go to spontaneous friends Brian Foote (a software designer) and Keve Wilson (an oboist), who genially took on the job of backup dancers solely on Lara's saying "hey! it'll be fun!"

So, Lara bought Stephanie a wedding dress online for $128 (at 90% off), flew her to New York and scoped out some semi-private Central Park venues so the dancers wouldn't look too flashmobby (or idiotic). The June morning dawned bright and sunny, and with intrepid videographer (normally a video animator) Nick Fox-Gieg, and production manager (an actor in real life) Aaron Poole, they all set out to make the video of the decade! Later in the day, more friends joined in to make up the minyan, and the circle dance was looked upon with great envy by passing New Yorkers.

Other footage was captured on Farmer Bob's chicken farm in Cooperstown, NY, when Lara took a train up to Glimmerglass opera where contrabassoonist Mark was working for the summer. Mark was very polite to his avian co-stars, always referring to them as 'ladies'.
Daniel Lapp and his flumpet were filmed in Trinity Park, Toronto, by Lara and Stephanie. Ronn and Lara playing at the Naumberg Bandshell was filmed by Adrienne Lloyd, and all synchro and editing was done by Lara St John. This video was shot with a budget of: a $128 wedding dress, a $3.99 veil, dinners, and drinks (lots).

Read more about the stars of the video here!

Stephanie Cadman: www.stephaniecadman.com

Daniel Lapp: www.daniellapp.com

Mark Timmerman: www.marktimmerman

Ronn Yedidia: ronnyedidia.com

Keve Wilson: www.kevewilson.com

POLKASTRA "I Do:" The Wedding Album

Chosen as CBC's Disc of the Week!

"An impertinent novelty album that's full of familiar wedding tunes transformed by skillful, albeit cheeky, arrangements. Witty, wacky and weirdly entertaining, it's yet another example of Lara St. John's remarkable ability to make musical merriment. Mazel tov!"

Check Out The Video Everyone Is Talking About:

"An astounding feat of cinematography, reminiscent, in its depth, intensity, and revolutionariness, of Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin"
- J.H. Levy

"Morbi semper, optimum visum est - ut semper! Ego totaliter amant eam!" - The Pope

"This vid, I say this video is cooler than a nudist on an iceberg"
- Foghorn Leghorn